Benefits and hard facts of softened water

Get softened water for your home with the help of Soft Touch Water Softeners Ltd. 

It's never too late

Your water pipes and hot water cylinder could already be suffering from scale build-up, but it's never too late to solve the problem. Softened water gradually removes scale from water pipes, hot water cylinders and shower heads so that they eventually return to peak efficiency - and stay that way!

Full powered showers

Full powered showers

You'll enjoy your shower at its full power once again, with water at the proper pressure through a free flowing shower head. 
Soap scum remains in your clothes and linen after washing, this can lead to fabric becoming harsh and rough. Towels that were once soft, can become hard and course. Washing in softened water will leave clothes and linen soft and gentle.
Less soap shampoo

Less soap, shampoo and washing powder

With a Water Softener you will use less soap, shampoo, washing powder and cleaning materials to get perfect results - sometimes as much as 50% less and the lather won't just suddenly disappear. Your cutlery and glassware will dry wonderfully and if you have a dishwasher you may never have to put salt in it again. 
Softened water saves time too - bathroom and kitchen cleaning becomes little more than a quick rinse. Work out how much you are spending on time and cleaning materials - you'll soon see how significant the savings can be.

What is hard water?

Hard water is water that contains dissolved chalk, lime and other materials. Rain water is naturally soft but as it percolates through chalk and limestone, it dissolves and collects these minerals. Rain water that falls on hard rock remains naturally soft. The hardness of the mains water to your home is dependent on where you live and the source (river or ground water) of your mains water supply.

Increased energy bills

Increased energy bills

Scale forms quicker than you think. You can witness this in your kettle.

As you can see below, the thicker the scale grows the longer it takes your heating elements to heat your water. You could be paying 70% more on your fuel bills than you should, all because you have hard water.
shopping bills

Increased shopping bills

To combat hard water in your home you most likely would have spent money on various chemicals to remove scale, scum and water marks from your homes surfaces and taps. 

With hard water, soaps have to work much much harder to do their job therefore you use 75% more than you need to.
damaged appliances

Damaged appliances

Appliances in hard water homes simply do not last as long as those with soft water.

Lime scale builds adding strain on your appliances components which leads to eventual failure and a nasty repair bill for you.

Hard water is a waste of your time

Cleaning up after your hard water takes time and effort every day. Hard water stains glassware, crockery & silverware with unsightly evaporation stains.

I cannot recommend Soft Touch enough!

We have been so pleased with the service that we have received from Soft Touch. They came and gave a fantastic demonstration at our home and spent as much time as we needed explaining all about the different types. We opted for the Soft Touch Twin and have been over the moon with it. It’s just so easy. It was plumbed in quickly with no fuss and we have enjoyed so many benefits since. If you are considering a softener, then I cannot recommend Soft Touch enough!  
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