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Will fitting a softener really make a difference?

Yes, it will make a tremendous difference. Your water will have a silky feel. Soap will produce a rich lather. Shower heads will not block up; they will stay at full power. Baths, sinks, and shower screens will be cleaner. You will save 50% of the cost of washing liquids and powders.

Does it take long for limescale to build up in my pipes?

No. Not as long as you may think. Most scaling problems occur where they cannot be seen, inside your pipework, hot water cylinders, boilers, and shower units. If you have fur inside your kettle, then you have a good idea how quickly it can build up inside your heating system.

What is hard water?

Hard water is water that contains dissolved chalk, lime and other minerals. Rain water is naturally soft but as it percolates through chalk and limestone, it dissolves and collects these minerals. Rain water that falls on hard rock remains naturally soft. The hardness of the supply of mains water to your home is dependent on where you live and the source (river or ground water) of your mains water supply.

Where does a water softener need to be fitted?

Normally, we try to put it somewhere in reasonable proximity to your main water stopcock. There are a variety of solutions that can be applied to your own situations including external, frost proofed cabinets if necessary. If the stopcock is under the sink, this is generally the most cost effective solution. Some softeners need a power supply and also will need to be connected to the drain to allow for the hardness minerals to be flushed away. We have a great deal of experience in selecting the best for you, and will be happy to provide a no obligation quotation.

Do I need to do anything about my scaled up pipes?

No, unless the water has slowed to a trickle. As soon as your new softener is connected, soft water will start to reverse the scale build up. Over a period, all the scale build up will be gradually removed. When this process has been completed, your water heating bills will be reduced by 35% simply because you will be heating your water through what will have become an insulating jacket of scale! Please note that your savings will primarily apply to your heating costs for hot water and not your central heating as the same water will remain in this system.

Can I drink softened water?

Yes you can. Many people prefer softened water for drinking and cooking too, however, powdered milk for baby feeds should be drawn from an un-softened tap, and anyone on a sodium restricted diet should follow their doctor’s instructions. A separate hard drinking tap can be provided as required.

Can I take the softener with me if I move home?

Yes you can. The softener will be fitted with bypass plumbing which would mean that if you moved home, the in and the out taps to the softener could be turned off, the bypass opened and the softener removed as easily as a washing machine.

If I call you to my home, am I under any obligation?

No obligation whatsoever, but a cup of tea would be nice.
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Delighted. What a remarkable difference

I have been in my Bungalow for about 9 months and wanted to say how delighted I am with the Water Softener.

The appliance was already installed before I bought the property - just as well, as I probably wouldn't have thought to have one installed otherwise.

I can see a remarkable difference in this property from those that I have owned previously, because of the Water Softener.

The sinks, taps, bath, showers and the bathroom tiles are like new, even though the Bungalow is 8/9 years old. No signs of lime scale anywhere.

The heating system is really efficient. When British Gas did their annual check a few months ago, the engineer thought that the boiler was brand new, not 8 years old!

Showering is great and no more dry skin!

I'll be in touch again when I need more salt blocks.
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