Salt and filters

Filtered water in Kent

For a filtered water supply for your home get a water filter installed by Soft Touch Water Softeners Ltd.

Salt and replacement filters

Block salt

Block salt

2 x 4kg Blocks per pack

(Suitable for all twin cylinder water softeners and some single cylinder water softeners. Contact us for more info.)

10 packs £50
20 packs £94.00
tablet salt

Tablet salt

10kg bags

(Suitable for all single cylinder water softeners)

8 bags £48
16 bags £90
The above prices include free delivery within Kent. 
soft touch water softner

Why do I have to change my filter regularly?

Filters should be changed annually. The filters shown have not been changed for two years. As you can see it is not healthy. 
replacement softners
replacement softners

Replacement filters

We deliver and fit many different types of drinking filters from inline to reverse osmosis. 

I'm pleased with my decision to update and would recommend it to anyone

I have had a water softener installed for many years and already knew the full worth of them. I felt that newer softeners would be more efficient than my existing softener that regenerated during the night and which seemed to be using a lot of granular salt, particularly after members of the household increased with virtually another family of four moving in.

I decided to contact a local firm, Soft Touch Water Softeners, to discuss the latest alternatives. I had already done some research and my findings agreed with the advice given to me. I was advised to install a Minimax 2 which differed from my existing softener by using block salt, instead of granular, and it required no electricity connection, which was an added bonus.

The Minimax 2 was installed in a couple of hours and was instantly providing softened water. I soon realised the old softener, although good, was not working as efficiently. The water was now softer and there was no sign of the previous salty taste.

I was told the salt blocks would be used at the rate of approximately 1 block per person in the household, per month, which seems about right. The cost therefore is around £2.50 per month per person. This is offset to some degree by savings on soaps and detergents. The shower, bath, toilets and basins stay cleaner and don't have that grubby look after use. Anyone with a dry skin condition seems to benefit from the softened water.

I'm pleased with my decision to update and would recommend it to anyone that may be undecided about the benefits.
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