Water softener servicing in Kent

If you are looking for experts to service your water softener, get in touch with Soft Touch Water Softeners Ltd. 


At Soft Touch Water Softeners Ltd we take pride in being qualified and experienced in servicing all types of softener. So if on the very rare
occasion you have a fault with your softener, we will not just write your softener off. Where possible, we will repair it.
We know every nut and bolt inside your softener and therefore no matter the fault we will be able to fix it. We also stock a wide range of parts
for many makes of softener.
switching off your water softner

Switching off your water softener

1. Follow the inlet and outlet hoses away from the softener to where they join onto your main copper pipework. Each of these pipes will have a valve on it which will currently be open. Turn these 2 valves 90' to turn them both off.

2. In between these 2 valves on your main pipework you will see a bypass valve, this will currently be closed to make your water softener work, you need to turn this valve 90' to open it in order to get water back to the house.

3. If your water softener is plugged into the electric also switch off at the plug.
filter cartridges
filter cartridges

Instructions for changing filter cartridges

For single and double housing
6 and 12 months
instructions for changing filter cartridges

The whole customer experience from start to finish was exceptional. I highly recommend Soft Touch

Having decided to install a water softener system I called Soft Touch who responded immediately and promptly. Paul very carefully explained exactly how it worked, what it would achieve and how. He gave me every confidence to make the investment. The installer Leo arrived a week later and what a pleasure he was to have working in my house. He was efficient, professional and extremely neat and tidy. Just a few days in what a difference there is to the water and the benefits they explained are clear to see.

The whole customer experience from start to finish was exceptional and I highly recommend Soft Touch. Great Job.
If you want softened water with the help of softeners for your home in Kent,
get in touch with Soft Touch Water Softeners Ltd. Call
01227 367 700 or 07826 523 620
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